British All Winners Festival 2014 & 2016 Champions

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Big Bard Dream (child-friendly Shakespeare)

Saturday 25th May, 11am at Stanwick Lakes

Struggling to write his latest play, a depressed William Shakespeare begins to wonder if it’s all worth it, and seeks solace within sweet slumbers – but what dreams may come? His rest is disturbed by visitations from some of his characters - gloomy princes and madcap jesters, star-crossed lovers and cross-gartered butlers, courageous kings and outrageous queens all vie to prove that in them he has written his masterpiece, and that his words will echo down the centuries to the delight of scholars and the despair of students. He will amuse, confuse, enthuse and inspire, if only he can pick up his pen once more – but has he got it in him? With small Latin and less Greek, with the nobility looking down on him as a grammar school oik, can his creations convince him of his own merits? Is it love’s labour lost, much ado about nothing, or will all be well if it ends well? And can he get over learning that some of his characters are going to be played by real women – even if the role is written for a man? Can they help him find that where there’s a Will, there’s a way?

Twelfth Night (outdoor performances)

June & July

The Countess Olivia is intelligent, beautiful, rich – and single. Three men love her but she will have none of them: not the powerful Duke Orsino whose advances she has refused many times; not the delusional and cowardly Sir Andrew Aguecheek, championed by her uncle Sir Toby Belch (so that he can keep borrowing Sir Andrew’s money); and not her butler Malvolio, whose love for her is as yet unrequited. Matters are thrown into confusion by the arrival of Orsino’s new servant Cesario, sent to woo her once more on his master’s behalf – for Olivia finds herself falling for this sweet young man, unaware that in fact Cesario the boy is actually Viola the girl in disguise. Further complications arise when Viola (disguised as Cesario, remember) starts falling in love with Orsino (and not, despite much encouragement, Olivia). And Orsino is starting to have disturbing feelings for Cesario (who is actually Viola in disguise – do keep up!). Meanwhile the flame of Malvolio’s secret affection for his mistress is fanned into a blaze by the arrival of a letter from her giving him hope – but is it true? In this classic comedy of confusion, almost nothing is what it seems.

Stepping Out the Musical

October & November 2019

Following its smash hit West End revival in 2018, White Cobra Productions is delighted to announce it is planning a new tour of Stepping Out - The Musical in 2019.

The play, which was also turned into a film starring Liza Minnelli and Julie Waters and, when originally produced in London, won the Evening Standard Award for Best New Comedy.

The play features eight individuals from various backgrounds and with differing motivations who attend the same weekly tap dancing class. Despite first treating the classes as social occasions, and showing little co-ordination, they later develop a level of skill and cohesiveness. The dance routines are the background for the focus of the play, which focuses on the relationships and interactions of different people.

The 2018 version of the show written by Richard Harris saw Amanda Holden lead a star-studded cast in a classic British story of triumph in the face of adversity.