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Some nice things people have said about us and the hardwork we put into our productions.

Reviews for Scaramouche Jones

"Wow. That's seriously bold programming. Impressed. properly refreshing…….tough brilliant play……Class act clearly" - Martin Sutherland, Chief Executive of the Royal & Derngate Theatres, Northampton

"Congratulations to both of you for a fantastic and moving evening" - Martin Borley-Cox , BBC

"I would like to commend this production of Scaramouche Jones..... I was not aware how powerful, moving, heartbreaking and interesting the story is and I was blown away by Richard Jordan's sensitive, revealing performance. It was a marvellous feat to be able to hold the stage for 90 minutes (with no interval) and keep the audience's attention which is testament to both the play and the actor. Mention must also be made to Kate Billingham for her subtle and thoughtful direction. I had to wipe away many a tear but it's a show that will stay with me for a very long time." - Emma Payne, Chronicle & Echo

"I have just enjoyed a most wonderful theatrical experience at the Moulton Theatre. Richard Jordan's portrayal of Scaramouche Jones directed by Kate Billingham was a pure delight. This touring company, White Cobra Productions, will again be presenting this superbly written play on September 29th at The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough. This is a show that should not be missed." - Joy Eason, Chronicle & Echo

"My wife, a friend and I attended last night's performance at Thame Players' Theatre. I should open by telling you that we saw Pete Postlethwaite's performance at the Oxford Playhouse. Your set was well designed and constructed (in my view better than the Playhouse's) and enhanced the spirit of the evening. The direction was crisp and to the point - the pauses between various 'stories' were most effective and kept the audience on their toes, as it were. Congratulations are due to Richard Jordan who was marvellous. He was word perfect - to speak for 90+ minutes without a cue is no mean achievement - he never once crossed over with the various 'accents' and moments of high drama were dealt with by him with great artistry - he deserves success. We had a most enjoyable evening which compared more than favourably with the performance that we saw at Oxford. We are sorry that you were not as well supported by Thame as you should have been. Never mind, their loss was our gain!" - Len Chapman

"Went to see Scaramouche Jones at Thame theatre and was totally captivated. The sadness and exhaustion conveyed at the beginning, then being drawn in to the story,the changes of mood illustrating the different stages of his life. It was excellent, enthralled and amazed throughout, a fabulous performance – thank you." - Sarah Dossett

“What a journey! We were transported from the Caribbean to Africa, through the Mediterranean to the banks of the River Thames in the company of one of the most accomplished character actors you’re likely to see - anywhere. I wouldn’t have missed it for all the tea in China.”
Jan Palmer Sayer (Adjudicator at British All Winners Finals, Hertford 2016)

"Not sure if you are back from EuroDisney (whence the awards ceremony was told you had fled following your Saturday night triumph) but I had hoped to see you and just state the obvious - that Scaramouche Jones was a magnificent tour-de-force.

I am sure Jan’s comments have already been relayed to you - that in 16 years’ adjudication she has never before witnessed a standing ovation. I am proud to tell you that I was straight on my feet for you.

So massive congratulations on your richly-deserved success with the full-length play, not to mention another stunning performance with Housebound. It also goes without saying that if you ever have something - ANYTHING - that you would care to bring back to Lighthorne, we would be delighted to receive it. We’re smiling !" - Roderick Inness-Chaytor

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Reviews for Another Fine Mess and Housebound

"Another superb performance last night at Market Harborough – thoroughly enjoyed both plays." - Avril Pell

"I just wanted to thank you and Richard again for performing Housebound so beautifully last night, along with the rest of the audience, I thoroughly enjoyed it." - Simon Mawdsley, Author of Housebound

Reviews for Shakespeare Revue

"Last night was delightful delicious fun" - Phil Purkis

"This was the best thing I have seen this year" - Emma Banks

"Many congratulations to everyone at White Cobra Productions for their witty, urbane and hugely entertaining production of The Shakespeare Revue which opened last night at the Playhouse in Northampton. Great show!" - Paul Fowler

"I know you had Richard Jordan and Kate on the show the other day talking about the Shakespeare Revue at the Playhouse Theatre - well we went along long last and I can report back that it is just an outstanding show - it is very funny - I admit that a few of the shakespeare references were lost on me - but having said that it is a show that should be getting a larger and wider audience - and all for a Tenner!" - Peter Wylie to BBC Radio Northampton

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Reviews for September in the Rain

"Great show last night. Another triumph for White Cobra" - Barry Dougall

"What a brilliant way to spend a rainy, windy evening, enjoying an evening of pure nostalgia and gentle humour. The empathy you had with the audience was to be envied and your timing was impeccable. Thank you all for giving us such a pleasurable evening at Market Harborough." - Jane Lanchbury

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Reviews for Days of Wine with Roses

"My wife and I would just like to say how good we thought your production of "The days of Wine and Roses " was at the Hertford Theatre Week last evening.We have had weekly tickets at the Theatre Week and seem many productions by a great number of companies over more years than we care to remember. We would both count your production among the best and most memorable that there have been. We found ourselves in agreement with the favourable comments made by the adjudicator but at odds with him on the various nitpicking points with which he almost invariably qualified those remarks. Some seem to be said for the sake of saying.I feel sure that the prolonged and sustained applause at the end showed unequivocally that the vast majority of the audience would say this was a compelling performance by two excellent actors who brought the themes of the play vividly, and at times disturbingly,alive. So congratulations and thanks not only to the actors but also to everyone connected with the production. It was by far the best production this week and it will take a very good production not only to beat it it but even to equal it. We hope to see you again next year." - Bert Millington

"My wife and I attended your show in Thame last night. It was an incredibly enjoyable performance. Excellent writing, good set, good sound, good lighting, tight and skillful direction and, perhaps above all, brilliant acting by you and Richard. The 'AA' scene and the final few minutes were both very moving and Len was in tears at the end, as were several others. I quess that you were both exhausted after your performances. I am so sorry that the attendance was not better but there you go, superb artistry is not always properly rewarded" - Len Chapman